It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Eric Lam. Before I started my PR application, I was frustated with the huge amount of information from the government’s websites and shared posts from FB groups. After months of doing my own research, I reached out to Eric and sent him the first email explaing my case and he reply with the absolutely useful information in the most professional way. 

His clear and straightforward consultancy came with great knowledge of the government’s immigration law, which helped me and my partner a lot with our case, especially amid the global pandemic. Everything was delayed and it took us a whole year to get all the paperwork ready. He totally understood our distress and answered all of our questions. Before sumitting our paperwork to IRCC, he made sure everything was correct and clear, all for a smoother process.

We submitted our case to IRCC in July 2021 and received the PR confirmation letter on Feb 18, 2022. Everything was well-prepared thanks to Eric. It was so lucky for us to have Eric as our RCIC in our journey.”

Peter L. & Scarlette N. (Toronto, Ontario)

“Receiving the PR cards for my husband and I after 6 weeks of applying for PR (CEC) is like magical! Thanks Eric Lam for all the dedication he spent on us. Eric is the RCIC with the highest work ethics I’ve ever known. From beginning till the day we submitted our application, he checked everything till the smallest details to make sure it’s 100% accurate. I made some careless mistakes that even I wasn’t aware, but Eric spotted and corrected them all to my surprise.

Thanks Eric for everything. We highly recommend Eric for his professionalism”

Rosy N. (Toronto, Ontario)

“ Finally got my PR card today after years of non-stop efforts and months of waiting. The process was painful but memorable, for sure.

Sending my special massive thanks to my immigration advisor Eric Lam. Eric is super knowledgeable, professional, thoughtful, and supportive. Thanksd Eric for his countless no-matter-day-and-night-messages, to guided me through this long process smoothly and effectively. He always answers any of my questions promptly, no matter it’s questions about immigration, job seeking, how to integrate, networking, career advices, even what laptop to buy, or what software to use, literally questions you may have in life. He guided me how to cherry-picking my exp to get the best and fastest desirable results. He helped me reviewed my study plan and study permit application before I came to Canada even though I was applying my study permit via another agent at the time. He also willing to meet my parents and answer 1001 questions about every single member’s situation in my family and spent hours with us even before we paid anything. He’s always there for all of my concerns, giving me advices, solutions, suggestions, or sometimes just some jokes coz he knows I’m stressed out. Can’t thank him enough for all his patience and kindness. Coz I know he didn’t treat me like just a client, a business, to work on all papers and get paid. He truly care about me as a human being and work his a** off for my best interest.

I have referred lots of my friends to him and will absolutely keep referring any other friends in the future coz I strongly believe that he will help all my family and friends with all of his heart like what he has done for me.

Sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart”

Helen V. (Vancouver, British Columbia)

“ Exceptional services. Promptly keep you all up-to-date information & guide you in detail what you should do next (So you always know what’s next…)

Also, Eric always gives you the best & professional advice, no matter how complicated your application may be.

My advice is, go with Eric & get his advice at the beginning of your application. So, you will have a better preparation & of course, this will also save you plenty of time in future processing 🙂 “

K. Vu (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

“My family would like to thank Mr. Eric Lam for taking care of my permanent residence application. Thanks to his skills, experience, patience and greate attention to details, all of my information was presented clearly and up to standard of IRCC, which resulted in short processing time. Even though my case was somewhat complicated, our family was able to receive the CoPR in just 4 months. His service and responsibility went beyond my expectation and I was very pleased to him as my consultant.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Eric Lam.”

Chloe V. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

“We used Eric Lam’s service to assist us in the preparation of our documents used for submission to the immigration office. Knowledge-wide, he is a great guy but that is not all. He is also a good friend with a good smart sense of humour. Our cooperation went smoothly with us securing 3 PR visas within 3 months. Great service and highly recommended.”

Alvin N. (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

“I had been a client of Mr. Eric Lam before. So I know I can trust his work. When it comes to a decision of immigration to Canada, I turned to him without any hesistation. His work lived up to my expectation. And he has never failed to impress me with his responsiveness, dedication, and professionalism. He provided us with legal advice and helped us choose the appropriate way to apply for PR in Canada. Along the way of application and waiting for the final decision of IRCC, he was always there for us, supporting us to provide further documents to IRCC which eventually speeded up the processing time of my application. Thanks to him, I could have time to focus on my study and help my family settle down, rather than being stressed with the application procedure. Eric and his work definitely gave me peace of mind. And finally we successfully got approval to become permanent residents of Canada. Our dream came true. So we highly recommend you guys to give Eric a call so you can realize your Canada dream like us. Cheers!”

T. Nguyen (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

“Eric did outstanding work on our case and it was definitely a pleasure to work with him. We contacted him for the service when our immigration plan had just been come up with.  Everything was started from scratch and we did not have much time to prepare.  With his experience and kindness, Eric walked us through the process and made it easy.  He always answered our questions in a timely manner, no matter how trivial they were and even on the weekend (I know he is a busy dad with his children!).  I will never forget his call at 10 p.m. to inform me of the result after 1.5 months waiting.

Thank you for your help, Eric!  I would absolutely recommend your firm to anyone with no doubts.”

Anh P. (California, United States of America)

“My experience with Eric Lam was excellent. His service was following the true “North-American” standard. All of my queries were instantly attended within 24 hours despite the geographical distance between us. I highly appreciate that he studied my case extensively with his strong knowledge and experience in the field. He actually went out of his way to clear any doubts and tackle any possible issues that might have put my case at disadvantage.  Overall, I was very satisfied to have him as a representative for my PR application, and it has turned out that I made the right decision with the positive result I have today.

Putting the PR process aside, thanks to his positive attitude, I feel that I have gained a valuable friend on this immigration journey. This is one of life-changing decisions for me with many exhilarating things ahead. However, it can be nerve-racking at the same time, so I strongly recommend him to anybody looking for a professional immigration consultation service that can put his/her mind at ease.

Finally, I wish Eric Lam and his team every success in the future!”

Tuyen L. (Saigon, Vietnam)

“I received a lot of professional and helpful advice from Mr.Lam in my Express Entry application (I’m a 23 years old Ontario Provincial Nominee, French-speaking skilled worker stream with only 1 year experience and a bachelor’s degree applied directly from Vietnam without any Canadian experience or relatives, such a shaky profile, but finally I still made it with Eric’s great help).

All his analysis and conclusions of my case were surprisingly accurate (CRS cut-off trend, approved landing visa issuing time after submission…), without which I couldn’t have made correct decisions in key moments and received my PR approval.

Eric is such an expert consultant and great personality whom you can put your whole faith in, during your “arduous but triumphant journey” to a new and promising life in Canada.

Thank you very much, Chú Eric and see you soon in Canada !”

Nguyen L. (Saigon, Vietnam)

“My partner and I were so delightful to be granted visa from Canadian Government yesterday, which had been within a month since we emailed our documents to you. As our desire for studying and working in such a great country like Canada growing stronger, I have been considerably concerned about having a trustworthy and professional advisor, due to the fact that my partner’s application was previously refused three month ago… Finally we got Eric!

We had excellent experience working with Eric. He is reliable, experienced and kept me well-informed. I am impressed by his meticulous approach to our supporting documents and know-how on strengthening the applications through smart organising works.

I am very grateful to be advised and represented by Eric and his team; and will strongly recommend his service to my friends and family.”

Binh N. (Auckland, New Zealand)

“Trustworthy, insightful and dedicated – Three outstanding qualities that Eric Lam has clearly shown to me over the last period . I am grateful for his thoughtful advice and “giving” behavior, as it is quite “rare” when discussing “too specific” with any immigration consultant nowadays. He puts your concerns on top of his financial interest regardless whether you are his client or not. I would definitely recommend Eric Lam to anyone who is considering studying in / immigrating to Canada.”

Ricky T. (British Columbia, Canada)

“Eric is very knowledgeable, we knew him through a friend’s recommendation and his qualification and professionalism gave us the peace of mind when applying for the spousal work permit. He is exactly the type of “getting-things-done guy” you would want to work with.”

T. Sam (British Columbia, Canada)


“Eric has been so kind and helpful throughout the process of my Express Entry application. He is someone you can trust that does genuinely care about you rather than just being “in it for the money”. He is very responsive to all my sort of questions and always come back with great info and advices. The immigration procedure can be very stressful and confusing, but Eric is there to help not only as an expert, but also as a friend. Thank you so much for your kind help and service.”

P. Luong (Saigon, Vietnam)

“I was strongly impressed by the enthusiastic attitude that Eric brought to the discussion when I first contacted him to ask for help with problems in my PR application. Despite the fact that we had not known each other before and I was not his client; he has always been giving thoughtful and trusted advice. Going through his facebook page or his company website, I am not surprised that other people who have been in contact with him have similar feeling to mine. Given his deep knowledge of the field, the professional attitude and his eagerness to help out, I strongly recommend Eric and his consultant company to those who are looking for a place to assist your Canadian dream. Thanks to his helpful advice, I could solve the bottlenecks in my application and finally got the Canadian PR after 4 months of submission.

Eric, your support is greatly appreciated. I wish you and your team lots of success!”

Anh N. (Mechelen, Belgium)

“Eric Lam is the person who always brings me the trust in his education background, knowledge, dedication and most of all, the morality of an immigration consultant. He persistently set my best interest on top and conscientiously tries to find the best solution for me. Until now, I believe that I made the right choice after being consulted by various consulting firms in Vancouver. I always respect and feel lucky having the opportunity to get to know and being advised by Eric Lam.”

Ngoc L. (British Columbia, Canada)

“Thank you “anh” Eric Lam for helping my mom application to be granted visitor visa so that she could attend my convocation on February 1. This is also the chance for me to take my mom around the island and some beautiful places in Vancouver. Thank for your advice and all of your hard work to prepare the application applying for my mother visa. At first, I prepared the documents myself but the application was rejected, then I got your advice. Because of my mom difficult case, I was hopeless that she could get the visa. Thank for your effort, my mom has got a 10-years visa which is very helpful not only for this trip to visiting me but also for future trips. I would definitely recommend my friends to you as a reliable services.”

J. Phan  (British Columbia, Canada